TMZ Live Whitney Investigation ... Yes to Cocaine, No to Cover-Up

3/30/2012 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Whitney Houston Investigation -- Yes to Cocaine, No to Cover-Up

The cocaine found in Whitney Houston's hotel room has wide-ranging implications for the investigation ... and also for some people in Whitney's inner circle. We'll tell you who's breathing a sigh of relief.

Also, now that Katie Couric is at ABC ... the battle between 'GMA' and "Today" is heating up -- and Harv knows which morning show anchor could be the biggest loser. Plus, why Kate Winslet is the coolest chick ever -- and your Mega Millions fantasies ... are a total waste of time!

(0:20) Critical evidence in Whitney Houston's death ... cocaine was found in the hotel room where she died.
(4:50) Britney Spears ... making bank on her house.
(8:50) Cavallari's parents lose their home.
(11:01) Kim K. and Kris ... still warring over money.
(18:01) The craziest video all week ... Slade from "Housewives" accosted on a red carpet.
(23:31) Inside information on Katie Couric's guest spot on "GMA" ... and the impending bloodbath at "Today."
(29:01) Kate Winslet is our hero -- she rips Celine Dion's "Titanic" hit ... during a interview for the movie.
(31:31) Bruce Springstein will drink your beer.
(34:01) Dr. Schnoz defends giving Jews free nosejobs.
(40:40) The $640 mil lotto ... you have a better chance of getting struck by a car and lighting at the same time.
(43:01) Viewer's choice!