Thomas Jane I Was a Delusional, Cross- Dressing Hump-aholic [Video]

4/11/2012 12:40 AM PDT

Thomas Jane -- I Was a Delusional, Cross-Dressing, Hump-aholic


Years before Thomas Jane played a sex-obsessed gigolo on "Hung" ... he played a sex-obsessed woman who was obsessed with humping closet doors -- but no one ever saw the footage ... until now.

It all went down at the L.A. home of Jane's ex-GF Melinda Hill back in 1998 ... when the two aspiring actors were goofing around and decided to make a "crazy" improv movie ... which they shot with a VHS camera.

In the "flick," Jane plays a delusional woman who's constantly posing for photos ... even though no one's taking her picture. There's a lot of gyrating and hip thrusting ... followed by a death scene.

But Jane isn't embarrassed ... in fact, he openly reminisced about it during a recent interview with Jillian Lauren and ex-GF Melinda during the launch of "Eat My Podcast."

Jane was under the impression the footage had been lost years ago ... turns out, he was wrong.