TMZ Live Howard Stern Protest Ratings Boost for 'AGT'?

5/7/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Howard Stern Protest -- Ratings Boost for 'America's Got Talent'?

Howard Stern is catching serious heat from a protest that could cost NBC millions -- but we're thinking the whole thing could backfire and make "America's Got Talent" an even bigger hit! We'll explain.

Plus, Lindsay Lohan ... thank your lucky Woody! Her dinner with Mr. Allen is making us think Oscar's a real possibility. Also, Anna Nicole Smith's little girl Dannielynn -- belle of the Derby! Her pops Larry Birkhead tells us all about their weekend getaway.
(0:30) Lindsay Lohan had dinner with Woody Allen -- is she the perfect fit for one of his manic characters? Mike thinks his Oscar prediction about her is really coming true.
(4:50) The inside story on how Justin Bieber got hooked up with Floyd Mayweather.
(10:00) The Parents Television Council urges a boycott of Howard Stern on "America's Got Talent" -- but are their efforts backfiring? The PTC's director of public policy calls in ... and Harvey grills him about it.
(14:40) Usher's baby mama takes the stand in their epic divorce battle -- and her testimony is a MUST HEAR. Harvey can't get enough.
(17:30) Emeril Lagasse -- slow grooving to Coolio ... and we have video.
(20:10) The "Lost" curse continues ... Matthew Fox was busted for DUI.
(22:41) Kris Jenner sued ... for having plastic surgery!
(24:52) Kanye West lets Kim Kardashian drive his $500,000 car ... while he's on the other side of the country. Must be love after all.
(28:30) Time flies ... Anna Nicole Smith's daughter is five years old now -- her dad Larry Birkhead calls in to talk about their trip to the Kentucky Derby.
(32:05) "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans blows her money on breast implants.
(34:45) Amanda Bynes in ANOTHER car accident.
(38:01) Three "Glee" actresses buy new homes -- so we compare their new pads to see who came out on top.
(41:20) We take your calls!