Jermaine Dupri Takes Song Requests ... For a Cool $130k

5/9/2012 3:30 AM PDT

Jermaine Dupri Takes Song Requests ... For a Cool $130k


Next time you're at a club in Vegas and Jermaine Dupri is the DJ ... feel free to request a song -- but only if you have $130,000 to blow.

The rapper was spinning at TRYST nightclub at the Wynn Hotel on Saturday ... when some super rich guy -- known as "Su Su" -- dropped $90k on a 15 liter bottle of Ace of Spade Rose Champagne ... plus an extra $40k on other fancy booze.

Sources tell us club honchos were so thrilled about the purchase, they asked Dupri to give Su Su a special VIP shout out. 

Dupri not only obliged ... but he was so impressed with the purchase, he LET THE GUY REQUEST A SONG!!  Which -- if you've ever been to Vegas -- never happens.

It gets better ... "Su Su" was so thankful Dupri actually played his tune -- Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" -- he stuffed an additional $3,800 cash in his pocket as a tip!

"Su Su" tells TMZ ... he was "happy" to throw down the cash because he loves Jermaine and thinks he's a "bomb" DJ.

The lesson here ... always make rich people happy.

Bonus: Su Su also got a free hat for his troubles. FREE HAT!!!