TMZ Live Ann Curry Aims Anger at Matt

6/28/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Ann Curry Aims Anger at Matt Lauer After Crying Goodbye

TMZ Live

Start spreading the news ... Ann Curry's leaving 'Today' -- and she's finding it hard to hide her anger about it. Why no big sendoff? It's not what you think -- you gotta hear Harvey's info about Ann's goodbye and her blatant diss of Matt Lauer.

Plus, is Jennifer Aniston finally ready to bury the hatchet with Brad Pitt ... now that she's engaged? George Clooney hung out with both exes -- but getting 'em face-to-face ... that's another story.

Also, Congressman Luis Gutierrez -- the guy who used Justin Bieber to make a point -- joins us for a new round of name-that-immigrant!  

And for a look behind-the-scenes of TMZ Live, click here. Warning: it ain't pretty.
(0:00) Ann Curry was officially booted from her spot on "Today" -- and she totally dissed Matt Lauer on the way out.
(6:30) Have Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston called a truce? We have photos that suggest they've finally buried the hatchet.
(10:00) Rep. Luis Gutierrez calls into the show -- to talk about his amazing speech to Congress today ... in which he played a game of 'Guess the Immigrant."
(18:00) Jack Black rocks out with a Queen cover band ... a little too hard ... and we have awesome video of the performance.
(20:00) Lisa Ling disses Oprah for the Kardashian interview -- which doesn't sound crazy ... until you realize that Oprah is her BOSS.
(24:00) Kourtney Kardashian changes her mind about having a water birth after actually seeing one in person ... who can blame her?
(29:50) PETA is on the defensive after being accused of killing thousands of animals ... we check to see if the allegations hold weight.
(33:35) A new wedding ring leaves an imprint of "I'm married" on your finger if you take it off ... yes, it's the dumbest idea ever.
(37:00) A former "E.R." star is in the middle of a nasty divorce -- her husband wants mo' money ... and his reasoning why is very interesting.
(39:01) Stop us if you've heard this one ... Snoop Dogg was arrested for weed. (42:00) We take your calls!