TMZ Live Chad Johnson Arrest Fired Too Soon?

8/13/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Chad Johnson Arrest -- Fired Too Soon?

TMZ Live

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's honeymoon is definitely over -- with his new wife, Evelyn Lozada ... and with his new team. But did the Dolphins jump the gun in firing the ex-NFL star -- and did Evelyn give Chad the green light to cheat in the first place?

Plus, Montel Williams calls in to defend Jack Osbourne ... after NBC dropped Jack from its reality show, "Stars Earn Stripes." Does Jack's MS diagnosis really mean he can't handle physical challenges? Montel says that's BS ... and he's the proof.

Also ... how we unveiled Paul Ryan's six pack secret! If Mitt Romney thinks Ryan's good looks are gonna get him elected ... he might be right. You gotta see one young voter's reaction on Skype!
(0:00) Chad Johnson was dropped by the Miami Dolphins AND had his new reality show cancelled after being arrested for allegedly head-butting his new wife Evelyn Lozado. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
(7:40) Lindsay Lohan raked in $2 million this year -- proving her myriad doubters wrong.
(9:30) Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is ripped -- and we know how he stays in ridiculous shape. Too bad Mitt Romney totally screwed up his introduction.
(14:20) Bruce Jenner totally disses Usain Bolt -- saying the world's fastest man has nothing on decathletes.
(17:50) Jack Osbourne takes a shot at NBC for not letting him compete in its "Stars Earn Stripes" show. Montell Williams, who also suffers from MS, calls in to stand up for Jack.
(23:00) Want to know what Rihanna thinks about getting dumped by Nivea for being too sexy? We'll let her tell you ... with her eyes.
(27:00) NBC cuts off the end of the Olympic ceremonies to push a new show -- and people are pisssssed.
(29:21) Jennifer Aniston is engaged! Wonder how many of her cats are going to be bridesmaids. We kid, we kid.
(32:10) Michael Phelps and a couple of his bros donned banana hammocks during their chick-less vacation. Totally normal.
(34:00) The Pregnant Man calls in to vent about a judge not recognized his marriage.
(40:00) A, octogenarian multi-billionaire is getting married to a 40-year-old yoga master. Does any smell a gold-digger?
(42:00) We take your calls!