TMZ Live Paul Ryan's Abs Cut Out to Win?

8/17/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Paul Ryan's Abs -- Cut Out to Win?

TMZ Live

We finally found the photo evidence -- VP candidate Paul Ryan really is ripped ... but is he jacked enough to elect? Or are you like McKayla Maroney ... unimpressed? Voters weigh-in on the topless pic.

Plus, Michael Phelps could get stripped of his Olympic medals ... all because a Luis Vuitton ad came out too early? Sound ridiculous? That's because it is, and a couple of Olympians called in today to talk about it.

Also, students with concealed weapons are not only allowed to roam the University of Colorado, Boulder -- they're even getting their own special living arrangements! And this is all going down just over an hour away from Aurora, CO ... where James Holmes opened fire. We're puzzled ... how 'bout you? 
(0:00) Finally, we got our hands of photo of Paul Ryan topless ... now it's time to how far and wide our staffers had to look to unearth it!
(6:00) Hope Solo wrote in her new book that Maksim Chmerkovskiy physically abused her during "Dancing with the Stars." He says it's BS ... and he's FURIOUS.
(10:10) Michael Phelps is in big trouble -- because he landed an endorsement deal to early after the Olympics ... which is against the rules. Harvey has a HUGE problem with it ... and we talk to US Olympian Nick Symmonds.
(15:20) Vanessa Bryant says her comment about not being able to be with someone who's not a champion were taken totally out of context ... time to decide for yourself.
(18:55) The University of Colorado -- which is 30 miles from the Aurora shooting -- allows concealed weapons into classrooms. Should colleges ban guns?
(25:31) Jeff Ross may have finally stepped over the line ... by roasting meter maids in L.A. We'll explain why this is different than all his other mean jokes.
(31:10) Paul Ryan says he loves the band Rage Against the Machine -- too bad the band stands for everything he's not ... and is pissed that he's associating himself with them.
(35:42) Should Mark Zuckerberg step down as CEO of Facebook after the company's stock fell to half its originaly worth? Harvey says hell no.
(34:10) Lady Gaga's bodyguards take down an aggressive autograph seeker ... you gotta see this video.
(41:00) We take your calls!