TMZ Live 'Sweet Caroline' Banned Too Creepy for PSU

8/27/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: 'Sweet Caroline' Ban -- Too Creepy for PSU

TMZ Live

Apologies to Neil Diamond, but "Sweet Caroline" has been deemed inappropriate at Penn State football games in the wake of the Sandusky scandal. Considering the fact a 4-year old Caroline Kennedy was the inspiration for the song ... are Neil's lyrics -- "touching me, touching you" out of line for all sporting events?

Plus, did Neil Armstrong screw up his famous, "One small step" line? It's been debated for years, but you've gotta hear it the way we heard it today.

Also, Dr. Phil's tragic loss ... of his sweet classic car. His '57 Chevy got jacked ... and now Harv's getting nostalgic for what he calls "the 2nd greatest car" ever made.
(0:00) What a story -- Penn State University is breaking tradition by banning "Sweet Caroline" from being played at football games ... because of Neil Diamond's creeping "touching you, touching me" lines (which were written about a 4-year-old Caroline Kennedy) were too creepy in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.
(4:19) Legendary song writer Paul Anka calls in -- he feels like Diamond's song is being unfairly labeled as a creep fest.
(8:15) Tragedy for Dr. Phil ... his '57 Chevy -- one the of greatest cars ever made -- was STOLEN.
(10:15) Lindsay Lohan could be in deep trouble once again -- because cops consider her a person in interest in a Hollywood jewelry heist.
(18:00) Harvey is shocked -- he never knew that Neil Armstrong supposedly screwed up his famous line, "Small step for man, giant leap for mankind." Turns out ... he meant to say "Small step for A man."
(25:00) We put nine polls up on asking you about Prince Harry's naked photo incident ... so it's time to see what the court of public opinion thinks of him.
(30:01) One of our photographers asked Britney Spears one of the best questions ever.
(33:10) Amanda Bynes hit-and-run case was reopened -- because she now been in so many alleged crashes ... cops had no choice but to investigate them.
(35:02) Randy Travis is in trouble -- his truck was found turned over by the side of the road ... and it's yet another sign the country singer needs to get help for alcohol abuse.
(37:10) WARNING -- we're about to show a graphic photo of a bank honcho that got his ass handed to him by the LAPD ... and the cops may have crossed the line.
(42:00) We take your calls!