TMZ Live Lindsay Lohan Dodging Bullets ... Again

8/28/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan -- Dodging Legal Bullets ... Again

TMZ Live

When Lindsay Lohan woke up today she was a suspect in TWO crimes ... but now she's managed to get off the hook for an alleged jewelry theft. You've gotta hear what we know about all the players in the case -- and how LiLo skated again.

Plus, Journey's lead guitarist Neal Schon called in to defend the band's $500k gig at the RNC. Neal says there's nothing political about the performance, and they're not selling out ... even though he's a Democrat.

Also, Gabby Douglas told Oprah she was the victim of racist bullies in her old gym -- but her former coach joined us to say ... that's a bunch of BS! Listen to the coach, then you decide ... is Gabby lying?   
(0:00) Lindsay Lohan is deep trouble times two -- not only is she a suspect in another jewelry heist ... she's also catching heat for allegedly lying to cops about her car crash on the PCH.
(9:19) Prince Harry isn't going to hide from his naked picture scandal much longer -- we've learned he's set to make an appearance at the Paralympic Games in London.
(13:45) Donald Trump attack Arianna Huffington on Twitter ... and she takes the bait.
(15:00) Howard Stern rips Jay Leno -- and NBC is surprised? The network couldn't have expected him to watch his mouth just because he's on one of its shows.
(18:00) Neal Schon from Journey calls in -- he says his band's upcoming performance at the Republican National Convention ... is all about money.
(24:30) Gabby Douglas says she was a victim of racism at her gym -- but her former trainer Dena Walker calls in to call BS on the story.
(27:51) Breaking news -- the first photo of Snooki and her new spawn finally emerges ... and it's hairy.
(28:30) Singer Dev has a sex tape -- but she's gonna stop the ex-boyfriend behind it ... because she's too old for that kind of a thing now. BTW, she's 23.
(30:02) Tom Hanks is the coolest guy around -- taking fake drunk photos with a young fan. Plus ... Harvey tells his own Tom Hanks story you DON'T want to miss.
(34:10) Breaking news -- Lindsay Lohan skates again.
(37:00) Adrian Maloof and her husband battle to see who files for divorce first!
(39:00) You gotta see the sick house that once belonged to -- or currently belong to -- Camille and Kelsey Grammer, Ryan Seacrest, and the Winklevoss twins.
(42:00) We take your calls!