TMZ Live Lindsay Lohan Arrest Legit Crime or Setup?

9/19/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan Arrest -- Legit Crime or Setup?

TMZ Live

Now THIS is crazy ... Lindsay Lohan gets arrested, and some people actually believe her instead of the alleged victim! Michael Lohan called in, and went head-to-head with Evan ... who's NOT willing to give Linds the benefit of the doubt. Does she deserve it?

Plus, here comes the cavalry -- Amanda Bynes' parents are coming to Cali as she faces a DUI case and 2 alleged hit-and-runs, but they might be too late ... unless they're willing to make one drastic move.

Also, will Arnold Schwarzenegger tell the whole truth in his new memoir? Harvey reveals one "Ahnald" story that probably won't make the book. But it should!y.
(0:00) Lindsay Lohan was arrested for allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her car ... and then fleeing the scene. But this time, surveillance video may save her butt. Michael Lohan calls in to defend her ... and trades insults with Evan.
(11:00) The car Lohan was driving ... wasn't hers! You won't believe who it belongs to. Hint: The hottest dentist you'll ever see in your life.
(15:00) Amanda Bynes' parents are moving out to help save her ... and are leaving a massive house in Texas behind.
(18:00) Kanye West is being destroyed by the Kardashians -- he has ANOTHER rap song that references one of them ... sorta. Scott Disick, anyone?
(21:00) Dennis Quaid is being sued over an equestrian accident that allegedly occurred on his property -- so we talk to the experts about the case. Those experts ... are equestrian lawyers from the firm "Hey and Hey." Seriously.
(24:00) There's a major holdup keeping Khloe Kardashian from hosting "X Factor" ... and it's called the E! network. Looks like Mario Lopez could fill the space.
(30:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new book coming out ... and you won't believe the trailer he released for it. Harvey also has a racy story about Arnold he heard at the gym.
(34:00) Wyclef Jean admits he had an affair with Lauryn Hill ... and Raquel is PISSED about it.
(37:00) Fred Willard has completed a court-mandated course after his lewd conduct arrest.
(39:00) We take your calls!