TMZ Live Lil Wayne Hysterical ... Under Oath

9/25/2012 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Lil Wayne -- Hysterical ... Under Oath

TMZ Live

Rapper Lil Wayne provided the most hilarious deposition we've ever seen -- ripping one-liners, busting on attorneys -- but it could ultimately bite him in the ass. Especially the part where it sounds like he's threatening a lawyer.

Also, Chris Brown fails a drug test -- but the judge doesn't violate his probation ... even though he's not supposed to break ANY laws. We'll tell you what saved his hide.

Plus, the NFL "tragedy" everyone's talking about! Just how badly did the Green Bay Packers get screwed? Legendary GB running back Ahmad Green and the Mayor of Green Bay call in to sound off!
(0:00) L'il Wayne gives the greatest depositions ever -- forgetting most of his life, challenging "stupid ass" questions, and possible threatening an attorney. You have to see this.
(8:10) Lindsay Lohan claims her latest arrest was so stressful that it made her lung infection worse. Right, and smoking pack after pack of cigarettes had nothing to do with it.
(10:00) It's quite possibly the worst call in NFL history -- when refs awarded the Seahawks a touchdown when the Packers clearly intercepted it. Legendary GB running back Ahman Green and the Mayor of Green Bay both call in.
(17:00) Chris Brown failed a drug test -- but the judge overlooking his probation didn't violate him for disobeying a law. How is this possible?
(23:00) Chris Harrison is PISSED at ABC for not showing a clip of "The Bachelor" during a reality show montage at the Emmys. Harvey thinks he needs to take a breather.
(27:00) Matt Barnes cuts a sweet plea in his resisting arrest case.
(30:10) One of the funniest, scariest photos you'll ever see -- of a 6'7" eighth grader playing football.
(33:00) Two contestants sue a game show over a question they think they got right.
(37:00) The tiniest house money can buy ... and Harvey loves it.
(40:00) We take your calls!