TMZ Live Justin Bieber Open Season on Pot Jokes

1/9/2013 11:45 AM PST

TMZ Live: Justin Bieber -- Open Season for Weed Jokes

TMZ Live

Justin Bieber's taking a new approach to the marijuana controversy -- make 'em laugh about it! We'll tell ya what's going on behind the scenes at SNL as they get ready for Bieber's hosting gig.

Plus, Katherine Webb -- Alabama QB AJ McCarron's incredibly beautiful girlfriend -- is doing everything she can to get out of the spotlight ... and we know why.

And, Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael is furious at her mother Dina's allegations that he raped her during a coke binge in 1990 -- so he joined us to state his case. You buying what he's selling?
(0:00) Justin Bieber is set to host/perform on Saturday Night Live -- and we found out his pot smoking incident is not only on the table ... he's encouraging SNL to go full steam ahead. It's not the first time SNL has been used for damage control.
(7:00) Kim Kardashian can't get the divorce she wants because Kris Humphries wants to put her reality TV show on trial for supposedly duping him into marrying her for ratings. So what's it going to take to make their end official?
(10:00) Katherine Webb -- Alabama QB AJ McCarron's super hot girlfriend -- is suddenly shying away from interviews ... and we know why!
(14:00) LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa squirms when asked him about the night Charlie Sheen says they partied for hours. Peter explains how the Mayor's people are bending over backwards to shield him from this situation.
(18:00) Michael Lohan calls in to rip Dina Lohan for saying he raped her back in 1990 -- so listen up ... and decide who's really telling the truth.
(24:00) This is frightening -- an alleged Sandy Hook copycat threatens to kill kindergarteners ... and cops can't do a thing about it. Harvey goes off on this one.
(29:00) And speaking of angry old men ... Elton John hates reality stars ... and says he wants to kill them.
(33:00) Ready for this? "Django Unchained" action figures! Not the best toys for kids to play with.
(36:00) And if that wasn't crazy enough ... prostitutes in Brazil are going to learn English so they can do their jobs better for the next World Cup!
(38:00) The floor is yours!