Christopher Dorner Manhunt Look-alikes to Cops: DON'T SHOOT!

2/12/2013 10:15 AM PST

Christopher Dorner Manhunt -- Look-alikes to Cops ... DON'T SHOOT!

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Didn't take long for people to start mocking police over the handling of the Christopher Dorner case.

After cops mistakenly opened fire on two Latina women who happened to be driving in a truck that resembled the one Dorner reportedly used to escape ... the Internet exploded with people who felt like taunting law enforcement.

In fact, one photo features a black person wearing a shirt reading, "NOT CHRIS DORNER PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT."

There are also photos showing signs on trucks warning cops not to open fire -- bumper stickers have also surfaced featuring a similar message.

Meantime, cops are still on the hunt for Dorner, who allegedly murdered 3 people -- including a police officer.