'Breaking Bad' Star 'F**K DELTA'

3/6/2013 9:50 AM PST

'Breaking Bad' Star Dean Norris -- 'F**K DELTA'

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Wow ... "Breaking Bad" star Dean Norris REALLY hates Delta ... going off on the airline twice in one week about its god-awful service ... seriously, the rants are super angry.

Norris just tweeted, "Back on sh*t hole Delta 2nd flight 3 days delayed cause missing flight attendant!!!what a horsesh*t company hub system=no choice=f**ked."

You'd think he'd have learned his lesson ... because just two days earlier, Norris tweeted a similar expletive-filled tirade inspired by the airline, writing, "Delta airlines SUCKS. wish I had a more intense word for suck to describe how much they SUCK. Southwest kicks your ass! #delta#f**kdelta."

Delta has since responded to Dean on Twitter with an apology, writing, "I'm terribly sorry for your travel experience. Pls follow and DM your confirmation number. I'd like to make things right."