TMZ Live Bieber Concert Canceled Due to Slump

3/11/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Justin Bieber -- Concert Canceled Due to Slumping Sales

TMZ Live

Justin Bieber's canceled show in Portugal marks a HUGE change in his career. Ticket sales slipped for at least one show -- so, is the Biebs on a downhill slide ... or is there a different explanation?

Plus, Justin Timberlake needs a lesson in dishing out revenge -- because his attempted Kanye West diss on 'SNL' was the weakest part of his 5th hosting gig.

Also, how Tiger Woods got his groove back -- on the golf course, and on his yacht ... with Lindsey Vonn!
(0:00) Justin Bieber bails on a concert because of poor tickets sales -- is this the beginning of the end? And, did Selena Gomez take a shot at him?
(7:00) How did so many big celebrities and political figures have vital financial information hacked?
(10:00) Nick Cannon says he's ready to whoop his kids' behinds -- is that the right way to parent a kid?
(15:00) Justin Timberlake takes a shot at Kanye West on SNL ... a weak shot.
(19:00) Michelle Obama is looking to have Beyonce and Adele at her 50th birthday party ... who's tired of politicians rubbing noses with celebs?
(22:00) "Modern Family" kid Rico Rodriguez ... so much richer than Gary.
(25:00) Lindsay Lohan refuses to take a great deal in her latest court case.
(27:00) Matt Lauer admits to nearly doing something unbelievable.
(30:00) Kim Kardashian pulled over -- in Kanye's car.
(31:30) Chris Brown says he own's Rihanna lady parts in a song -- he says it's just a song ... but there's something he said that is downright frightening.
(34:00) Tiger Woods got his groove back -- and it may have something to do with Lindsay Vonn de-boarding his private yacht.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) A man claims to be Charlie Sheen's long lost son.