TMZ Live Judge Judy Sued Over China Crisis

3/12/2013 11:45 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Judge Judy -- Sued Over China Crisis

TMZ Live

Judge Judy's suddenly on the wrong end of a lawsuit -- accused in the kind of ridiculous case that usually scores enormous ratings on her TV show. Did Judy get too sweet a deal on some fancy shmancy China?

Plus, Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger blow over $500 on ONE MEAL at a restaurant -- they call in to talk about eating out in NYC ... with 23 mouths to feed.

Also, Kristin Cavallari claims "The Hills" stars were bribed to lie about her alleged drug use -- but her former co-star Jayde Nicole joins us to explain why KC is full o' BS.
(0:00) Judge Judy is sued over unbelievably expensive china and flatware -- you won't believe her response to the lawsuit!
(6:00) Dennis Rodman -- on the way to meet the new Pope!
(9:00) Michelle Obama is now on the list of celebs and politicians whose bank accounts have been hacked. Why does Max think it's a good thing?
(15:00) Britney Spears -- out again with her new man!
(18:00) Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar call in to explain how much it hurts to pay for dinner for 23.
(24:00) Katherine Jackson says TJ Jackson deserves to get paid to watch MJ's kids.
(27:00) Jayde Nicole joins us to call BS on Kristin Cavallari for saying "The Hills" cast was told to lie about drug use for ratings.
(32:00) Michael Bay explains why he forgives Megan Fox for calling him Adolf Hitler.
(34:30) Justin Bieber's manager -- something's fishy about his defense of Biebs.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Ke$ha -- pounding booze on the sidewalk.