TMZ Live Too Short DUI Getaway ... FAIL!!

3/20/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Too Short -- DUI Getaway ... FAIL!!

TMZ Live

Rap legend Too Short got hauled in for DUI and drug possession -- which is not funny -- but the way he got arrested, according to cops, is pretty hysterical. How he allegedly screwed up ... besides the obvious.

Plus, Katherine Webb's reality TV debut on ABC was heavy on T&A ... exactly the kind of objectification the network skewered poor Brent Musberger for after the National Championship! The hypocrisy gets Harvey boiling.

And, WWE superstar Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters calls in to explain his superhero-like rescue of his mother from a burning house.
(0:00) Too Short is terrible at getting arrested -- he allegedly ran from the cops and then ditched drugs INSIDE the cop car. We have all the crazy details.
(7:00) Donald Trump is infuriated that Anthony Weiner is rumored to be running for NYC mayor ... and calls the guy a bunch of bad names.
(10:00) A tiny amount of weed was found on one of Rihanna's tour buses. The surprising part ... it was only a tiny amount.
(14:00) People are enraged at CNN's coverage of the Steubenville rape case ... because its anchors showed too much sympathy for the guys.
(18:00) Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters calls in to explain his heroic rescue of his mother from a burning building.
(23:00) "Today" wants Maria Shriver in a bad way.
(25:00) The mystery continues ... Miley Cyrus is wearing her engagement ring again.
(27:00) "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham was arrested for DUI -- then denies the whole thing.
(31:00) Hypocrisy -- the same network that blasted Brent Musburger for ogling Katherine Webb pushing her bikini clad body on a new show. Harvey goes off.
(33:00) "Too Young To Marry" pays its teenage couples so little money.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Charlie Sheen -- a few poop companies don't have his back. We'll explain.