TMZ Live Too Short & Cops The Not-So-Great Escape

3/21/2013 12:40 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Too Short and Cops -- The Not-So-Great Escape

TMZ Live

Too Short's getaway from cops lasted just long enough for someone to capture it on video ... and we've got the hysterical clip -- which makes you wonder why Short even tried to run? You gotta hear his excuse.

Plus, "Veronica Mars" fans pulled together more than $3 MILLION to fund a movie version of the TV show -- and now creator Rob Thomas joins us to talk script, surprise guest stars ... and if Kristen Bell's ready to work low budget.

Also ... why Lindsay Lohan's "lock down" rehab sentence could turn into a jail sentence ... real quick!
(0:00) Too Short runs from police, and his short run is caught on video, but did the police car have leftovers from previous arrests?
(7:00) Kim Kardashian arrives at her divorce deposition -- but Kris Humphries is a no-show, and he didn't even have a game that day!
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan may be in big trouble with her lockdown rehab plea deal, because they don't exist in New York!
(14:00) A Jacksonville Jaguars fan thinks the stadium Kiss Cam is homophobic, and wants the gimmick removed entirely.
(18:00) The "Veronica Mars" movie is on thanks to Kickstarter -- we talk to producer Rob Thomas about the unusual way it found its funding.
(25:00) Bobby Brown gets sentenced to 55 days in jail, and gets out in 9 hours! Screwed up justice system?
(27:00) The Iditarod is under fire over alleged animal neglect that has lead to the deaths of a number of racing dogs.
(31:00) Liam Hemsworth back in L.A., but when asked if he is concerned about Miley not wearing her engagement ring, mum's the word.
(33:00) The Dropkick Murphys' bass player lays the smackdown on a Nazi Skinhead.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's best/worst pitches of the week.