Nicole Eggert HOSPITALIZED After Botched High-Dive

4/19/2013 12:40 PM PDT

Nicole Eggert -- Hospitalized After Botched High-Dive

ANOTHER celebrity injury on the set of "Splash" -- TMZ has learned Nicole Eggert was hospitalized yesterday after bungling a high-dive and brutally back-flopping into the pool during a taping of the ABC show.

Sources tell us ... the "Baywatch" babe was trying to execute a dive that included multiple backflips ... but something went wrong, and she went crashing into the water back first ... hard.

We're told the impact looked so painful, on-site EMTs rushed in to pull the 41-year-old out of the pool ... and she went to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Sources tell us ... Eggert didn't break any bones, but docs wanted to make sure she didn't suffer internal injuries from the impact  -- they're monitoring her kidneys in particular.  Eggert was released from the hospital after a few hours.

It ain't the first time a star has fallen on the show -- Chuy Bravo 86'd himself from the competition after fracturing his heel during diving practice ... and Katherine Webb bowed out earlier this week thanks to a back injury.

Rory Bushfield had ruptured his eardrum during a dive gone wrong a few weeks ago ... but refused to quit the show.

A rep for Eggert had no comment.