TMZ Live Reese Witherspoon Do Ya Know Me Now, Cop?

4/22/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Reese Witherspoon -- Do Ya Know Me Now, Cop?

TMZ Live

Reese Witherspoon had an epic arrest ... whipping out her "I'm a celebrity card" for officers in Atlanta. But something her PR people did after the fact ... compounded the problem.

Plus, Farrah Abraham brings her dad AND daughter to Vivid Entertainment to hammer out a deal for her porn tape. Her father joins us to explain how he did it without throwing up.

And our new video of some rock legends begs the question: 2 Beatles (Paul & Ringo) or 2 Rolling Stones (Keith & Ronnie) -- who'd you rather ... bump into at dinner?
(0:00) Reese Witherspoon pulls the "I'm a celebrity" card during a drunken arrest ... and the statement she released was a huge mistake according to someone in the newsroom.
(10:00) Justin Bieber posts a photo of him and Selena Gomez together ... then suddenly takes it down. It had to be just another attention grab, right?
(15:00) Debbie Rowe has worked her way back into her daughter's life -- was Michael Jackson's attempt to keep his kids away from her totally misguided?
(18:00) Farrah Abraham's dad calls in to talk about his decision to accompany his little girl (and her little girl) to hash out a deal with Vivid Entertainment.
(23:00) Kim Kardashian hasn't seen much of Kanye West since she's been pregnant -- but he's supposedly spending tons to visit her while working on his new album in France.
(25:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger meets the parents.
(28:00) Rolling Stones or The Beatles -- who'd you rather run into?
(31:00) Ozzy Osbourne hits the stage at 64 ... and shows his age.
(33:00) Jason Trawick steps out with his new girlfriend ... and she looks like a certain Pilgrim we know.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Kristen Stewart -- queen of the hipsters ... or just a practical crappy truck owner?