TMZ Live Michael Douglas' Cancer Cunning Talk About HPV

6/3/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Michael Douglas' Cancer -- Cunning Talk About HPV

TMZ Live

Michael Douglas thinks he might have gotten throat cancer from performing oral sex on a woman with HPV. Science ain't our thing, we brought in Dr. Bill Dorfman from "The Doctors" to figure out if Michael's claim is legit.

Plus, Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior -- are we making it worse by covering it? We've been debating it for months ... and now we're opening it up to you.

Also, Kim Kardashian calls out her stepdad Bruce Jenner for saying he's only met Kanye West once. Is there a Kardashian family rift developing between Yeezy and BJ?
(0:00) Michael Douglas thinks he got throat cancer from HPV -- we talk to "The Doctors" expert Dr. Bill Dorfman to see if Michael's claims are believable.
(7:00) Justin Bieber's buddy Tyler, the Creator is taking the blame for his speeding controversy -- but his neighbors are still ready to revolt against him.
(10:00) Amanda Bynes -- should we cover her?
(18:00) Jesse Eisenberg has been ripped for being mean to a reporter during an interview -- but some people think he was just flirting big-time.
(24:00) Beyonce adds fuel to the pregnancy rumors she despised by posting a photo of her drinking a glass of wine.
(29:00) Bruce Jenner takes a shot at Kanye West for being absent during Kim's pregnancy -- is there really bad blood there?
(32:00) Lindsay Lohan's parents -- horrible for taking money to go on "The Test" ... even if Lindsay okayed it?
(34:00) Joe Simpson takes the high road when asked about Nick Lachey's "grab ass" comment about him.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) "Game Of Thrones" throat-cutting NOT accurate ... says one of the experts from the O.J. Simpson trial.