TMZ Live Meek Mill -- Etiquette Sentence is BS

7/5/2013 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Rapper Meek Mill -- Etiquette School Sentence is BS

TMZ Live

Rapper Meek Mill was slapped with a sentence of ... etiquette classes??!! Yeah, it's true, but does the punishment fit the crime ... or is this just a racist judge? We've got the woman who could be Meek's teacher?

Plus, a movie is being made about the O.J. Simpson murders -- and the actress playing Nicole Brown Simpson (Charlotte Kirk) joins us to explain why she may meet with The Juice about the role.

And, if a recent list of the top TV shows of all-time ticked you off ... you should hear the crap list that Dax put together ... and the classic show Charles forgot to put on his.
(0:00) Meek Mills etiquette punishment is questionably racism -- we talk to the woman who may be in charge of it ... and it actually sounds pretty helpful.
(6:00) RZA puts an age limit on twerking ... but should there be?
(10:00) Jay-Z's heartfelt confession about his fear of being a bad father -- the real deal ... or yet another clever way to push his album?
(15:00) "The Simpsons" helped gay men come out? That's one one study suggests ... but one staffer is calling BS.
(18:00) The woman playing Nicole Brown Simpson joins us to talk about making the movie ... and her future run-in with The Juice.
(24:00) Rachel Bilson is ticked off that a movie -- "The Bling Ring" -- was made about her being robbed.
(28:00) Madonna twerks ... and no one is interested (in a good way).
(32:00) What are the top 10 greatest TV shows ever?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Ryan Seacrest -- another photo proving he has the best life ever!