TMZ Live Justin Bieber 3X Alleged Spitter

7/16/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Justin Bieber -- Three Times Accused of Spitting

TMZ Live

Justin Bieber just can't keep his saliva to himself -- according to a DJ in Ohio who claims he got a face full of JB's spit after one of his concerts. It's the 3rd time Bieber's been accused of this -- legit pattern?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan's multi-million dollar deal with Oprah and the OWN Channel! Is this a wise investment for the big O?

And, "Free Willy" turns 20 -- and the star of the movie (no, not the whale) Jason James Richter joins us to have a laugh at a scene from the movie ... that almost made Harvey cry.
(0:00) Justin Bieber allegedly spits on someone for the third time -- but do you believe the guy telling the story?
(6:00) Lindsay Lohan's $2 million payday from Oprah.
(10:00) Cory Monteith -- we now know he died from a mix of heroin and alcohol.
(14:00) Chris Brown parties after his probation is revoked.
(18:00) Lil Wayne cuts out his American flag stomping from his music video.
(24:00) Bobby Brown has serious beef with his daughter's fiance ... and he's not afraid to say it.
(28:00) Michael Jackson -- could he really have made a billion dollars if he didn't die?
(32:00) "Free Willy" star Jason James Richter joins us on the 20th anniversary of the movie.
(34:00) James Franco vs Riff Raff -- you gotta hear the rapper attempt to explain why the actor owes him millions.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Justin Bieber -- back with Selena Gomez ... and a beer in hand.