TMZ Live Amanda 5150 Burned by Driveway Fire

7/23/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Amanda Bynes' 5150 Hold -- Burned by Driveway Fire

TMZ Live

After months of bizarre incidents ... Amanda Bynes was finally taken in on a 5150 psychiatric hold -- and sparking up a makeshift campfire in a stranger's driveway was the final straw. Will she finally get the treatment she seems to need?

Plus, Anthony Weiner confesses to another sexting scandal -- AFTER he got caught the first time! Will this crush his NYC mayoral campaign?

And, Adam Savage from "MythBusters" joins us to talk "Breaking Bad." You gotta see what they're melting, burning and exploding for a special about BB's most awesome scenes.
(0:00) Amanda Bynes put on a 5150 hold after she allegedly set a bizarre driveway fire. Looks like it wasn't an act after all.
(10:00) Anthony Weiner admits to sexting AFTER he was tossed from office ... will voters forgive him AGAIN?
(15:00) Beyonce is a boss on stage -- not missing a beat after her hair got caught in fan.
(18:00) Robbie Rogers is the first openly gay athlete playing in U.S. pro sports -- he joins us to explain how well he's been received in the community ... and the locker room.
(24:00) "MythBusters" star Adam Savage joins us to talk about their epic upcoming "Breaking Bad" episode.
(29:00) An update on the tragic passing of Dennis Farina.
(32:00) Kirstie Alley backs Kanye West's violence against photographers ... and she's wrong to do so.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) The Royal baby is born! And Mike already has his own conspiracy theory about it.