TMZ Live Lindsay Leaving Rehab & Her Friends Behind

7/29/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan -- Preparing to Leave Rehab & Her Friends Behind

TMZ Live

Lindsay Lohan is about to leave her Malibu rehab facility ... and she's giving up more than booze and drugs (hopefully). Will cutting ties with most of her friends be enough to keep her on a clean and sober path?

Plus, NBA star Daniel "Boobie" Gibson joined us and revealed why he allegedly assaulted a guy. Hint: don't mess with his wife, singer Keyshia Cole.

And, Tara Reid is in the middle of a major "Sharknado" controversy -- will she or won't she be back for the sequel? We're taking the liberty of writing Tara into 'S2' ... along with another babe! 
(0:00) Lindsay Lohan made a list of 100 friends ... and is chopping it down to 20. How a rehab exercise could change her life forever.
(5:00) Tara Reid is in the middle of "Sharknado" war.
(10:00) NeNe Leakes' $1.8 million wedding spawned a $2.5 million lawsuit ... and it all could've been avoided if she would just listen to Harvey.
(15:00) Anthony Weiner's latest sexting partner has washed up on the beach.
(18:00) Keyshia Cole's husband "Boobie" Gibson admits -- and explains why -- he beat the crap out of some dude.
(24:00) Toni Braxton lost the rights to 27 songs in her bankruptcy case -- and the lucky buyer may be a judge in L.A..
(29:00) Amanda Bynes -- we got photos of the damage she did to a hotel before going on psychiatric hold.
(32:00) CBS honcho Les Moonves thinks they did a great job dealing with the "Big Brother" racist ... and he's right.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Teresa Giudice faces 50+ years in jail!
(42:00) Taylor Swift's bikini -- either hideous or super cute, depending which sex you talk to.