TMZ Live Simon Called Out For Alleged Adultery

8/1/2013 2:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Simon Cowell -- Called Out for Alleged Adultery in Divorce Papers

TMZ Live

Simon Cowell's been labeled an adulterer in his ex-friend's divorce papers! It's a clever legal maneuver ... and we'll explain why Simon and his alleged baby mama are in for a nasty battle with her ex!

Plus, ex-NFL star/accused murderer Aaron Hernandez sends a handwritten letter from jail -- and the fan who received it called in to explain why Aaron reached out ... and what he gave Aaron that's now hanging in his cell.

And, Madison Hildebrand from "Million Dollar Listing L.A." joins us to dish about celebs and their awesome homes -- from Justin Bieber's Calabasas nightmare to Brat Pitt's mega-fixer uppers.
(0:00) Simon Cowell's former buddy alleges he's a low-down, dirty, bro-code breaking adulterer.
(6:00) Aaron Hernandez's letter from jail ... we talk to the guy the alleged murderer wrote to.
(10:00) The cop who pulled George Zimmerman over may have taken a photo of GZ's driver's license ... and the dashcam video can be used as evidence.
(15:00) Michael Lohan calls in to talk about helping Lindsay Lohan with her naughty/nice list.
(18:00) Madison Hildebrand from "Million Dollar Listing" joins us to talk about all the crazy celebrity properties we've broken stories on.
(24:00) Amanda Bynes -- how a cocktail is helping her recover.
(29:00) Alex Rodriguez -- did a trip to Hooters signify the end of his career?
(32:00) Porn legend Ron Jeremy says Jennifer Aniston got him booted from her new movie "We're the Millers".
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for Tim's rejected pitches of the week.