TMZ Live Simon to Baby Mama ... Settle Divorce, I'll Support You

8/5/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Simon Cowell to Baby Mama --- Settle Divorce, I'll Support You

TMZ Live

Simon Cowell wants of out of the headlines, and out of Lauren Silverman's divorce -- and he's willing to pay her big money to make it happen. Smart move on his part ... or cruel?

Plus, it's SHARK WEEK ... so fearless shark expert Jeff Kurr joined to us to talk about how he gets the sickets shots of Great Whites leaping out of the water. He also put the fear of jaws into Harvey.

And, Tiger Woods' son suddenly appeared in daddy's arms right after his big win this weekend -- and while it was totally adorable ... was it really just a publicity stunt?
(0:00) Terrence Howard's wife accused him of brutally attacking her -- but he's telling a whole different story. Who do you believe?
(6:00) Simon Cowell gives his future baby mama a Sophie's choice.
(10:00) It's Shark Week! So one of the most badass shark photographers joins us to talk about his dangerously satifying dayjob.
(18:00) Justin Bieber's crew accused of a serious beatdown at a club ... and the Biebs plays coy about it.
Tiger Woods' son joins him on the green -- was it a total set-up to win his fans over?
(24:00) 50 Cent in court today -- and it's not the only drama he faced.
(27:00) Lindsay Lohan -- can she really give up booze for good?
(32:00) Anthony Weiner's sexting partner goes the Octomom route ... masterbation porn.
(34:00) Octomom's sex tape profits could land her in the slammer.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Rihanna lets loose in Barbados!