Usher's Son Life Saved By Unlikely Hero

8/6/2013 11:30 AM PDT

Usher's Son -- Life Saved By Unlikely Hero

TMZ Live

Usher's son was saved from drowning by the last-second heroics ... of an audio-visual contractor who was working at his house. We'll tell you how he pulled off nothing short of a miracle.

Plus, Terrence Howard's denial of assaulting his ex takes a serious blow -- when she shows up to court with a nasty black eye. Whose story do you believe now?

And, Charlie Sheen debuts his new group of half-naked goddesses -- and after a lot of hard work ... we figured out the ladies' dirty, sexy secrets. 
(0:00) Usher's son nearly drowned -- but was saved at the last minute by a random guy working at the house. Someone deserves a tip.
(6:00) Terrence Howard's ex shows up to court with a black eye -- but it's never mentioned in open court. Why?
(10:00) Chris Brown sneaks into jail ... we'll tell you how he used a Hollywood club to put it all behind him.
(15:00) Awkward -- Oprah greets Erin Andrews by mentioning her Peeping Tom incident.
(18:00) Shaquille O'Neal and Mike Epps both got the crazy Amber Alert on their phone that we did ... one staffer explains the system's major flaw.
(24:00) Charlie Sheen's new goddesses -- we know their XXX past.
(29:00) The first non-white "Bachelor" ... is basically white. Nice try.
(32:00) The guy who almost bowled a perfect game (until the rack came down and ruined it) ... he joins us to explain what happened ... and to drop a bombshell about his history with perfect games.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) The sexiest surfing twerk video of all time ... Move over Miley!