CW Reality Star I'm NOT Homophobic ... I'm Just Competitive

8/12/2013 12:00 AM PDT

CW Reality Star Jarick Walker -- I'm NOT Homophobic ... I'm Just Competitive


A contestant on CW's new reality show "Capture -- a real-life "Hunger Games" -- is outraged 2 gay contestants have painted him a rainbow hater.

Jarick Walker was booted from "Capture" -- which airs Tuesday at 9 pm on the CW -- after he and his partner (the grey team) were hunted down and captured by an openly gay couple (the red team).

Things got heated during the elimination when Jarick told the host, "No offense to the red team, but I didn't think they were gonna be the team that caught us."

The red team fired back ... "I think the Division 1 football player is upset he got put up for elimination by two homos."

Well Jarick isn't hungry anymore, because our photog spotted him at fancy schmancy Chaya Venice and he said gays and straights are all the same -- inferior to him.