TMZ Live Blake Shelton Takes On Westboro Jerks

10/15/2013 8:15 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Blake Shelton Takes On Westboro Baptist Church

TMZ Live

Blake Shelton isn't going to be bullied by the Westboro Baptist Church -- the hate mongering group is threatening to picket his concert ... the kinda thing they frequently do to celebs, but for once someone's speaking out. Is Blake starting a trend? We hope so.

Plus, Adrian Peterson's attempt to connect with his son, before the boy's tragic death. We found out paternity was confirmed through DNA -- and Adrian wanted a relationship with the child. Was the baby mama right to keep the child a secret?

And, Mark Walhberg reveals the "Entourage" caste is holding up the movie for being greedy -- over the line for saying it ... or awesome?
(0:00) Blake Shelton rips the Westboro Baptist Church -- and it's the brutal type of honesty that's refreshing to hear from a celebrity.
(4:00) Lamar Odom hints at a Lakers return -- if you were the GM ... would you take him back?
(10:00) Rachel Maddow reverse outs Cory Booker -- did she cross the line?
(14:00) Adrian Peterson -- why he didn't get to connect with his kid before the tragic incident that took his life.
(18:00) Mark Wahlberg calls out the "Entourage" cast for being too greedy to get the movie made ... and it's awesome.
(24:00) "Sons of Anarchy" star's near arrest for allegedly bailing on a bar tab should be a warning to anyone looking to get in the biz.
(29:00) Kasey Kasum's wife takes a stand against his family.
(32:00) Ed Asner joins us to explain why he thinks people are afraid to criticize President Obama.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Comedian Ron White's killer redneck wedding.