TMZ Live Pauly D's Money Battle With Baby Mama

10/23/2013 8:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Pauly D -- Money Battle with Baby Mama

TMZ Live

Pauly D is already in a full scale custody war with his baby mama. He thinks she's just trying to use the baby as a money train -- and after the woman took a photo of the baby surrounded by $100 bills ... think he has a good reason to be concerned?

Plus, new sign of trouble for Lindsay Lohan -- in a photo it looks very much like she's reaching for a bottle of wine. She's not drinking from it, but still ... is she putting herself in position to fail? Again?

And, what do Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and a ton of other stars have in common? The same divorce lawyer -- Laura Wasser -- who joins us to explain how to get un-married ... without losing everything.

(0:00) Pauly D says he baby mama is unfit to be a parent because she works at Hooters. Pauly D. The guy who got famous by being on "Jersey Shore."
(6:00) The most ridiculous conspiracy theory ever emerges because of Kim Kardashian's nail color.
(10:00) A photo surfaces of Lindsay Lohan dangerously close to an open wine bottle ... is this a bad sign ... or just a bad picture?.
(14:00) Lamar Odom is a Chatty Kathy for the second day in a row -- and some people are worried about him MORE now that he's opening up.
(18:00) Laura Wasser has helped countless celebs divorce -- she joins us to explain how they can do it without losing everything ... if they choose to.
(24:00) Dina Lohan's attorney Mark Heller give the most ridiculous excuse for her DUI ever. And we mean EVER.
(29:00) Jermaine Jackson could go to jail now for falling so far behind on his child support ... just days after he spends a ton of money on a Ferrari.
(32:00) "Bitchin Kitchen" star Nadia G joins to explain why fellow chef Nigella Lawson is way off base to saying feminism has hurt women cooks.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Get your claws out ... it's time again to read more of your viewer hate mail!