Kevin Federline Britney's BF Is My New, Cool Friend

11/11/2013 2:30 PM PST

Kevin Federline -- Britney Spears' BF Is My New, Cool Friend


Kevin Federline
finally met the man who's taking the weight off of him -- Britney Spears' new BF -- a guy who's spending a lot of time  these days with K-Fed's sons -- but Kevin tells us he doesn't feel threatened at all ... and even kinda likes the guy.

As we reported ... Kevin was front and center at his son's soccer game this weekend with Brit and David Lucado. Kevin says he and Lucado have spoken before ... but this is the first time they've actually met face-to-face.

K-Fed tells us what he plans to do with his ex and David, and what he WON'T do.  Check out the video.