TMZ Live President Obama's Vacay Crossing the Line

12/25/2013 12:01 AM PST

TMZ Live -- President Obama's Vacation ... Crossing the Line

TMZ Live

President Obama is responsible for the most dangerous tourist trap in the world -- the invisible line that vacationers in Hawaii risk crossing when getting too close his vacation house. But does it put the Prez at risk?

Plus, Zac Efron takes a page out of Alec Baldwin's playbook -- and makes a huge joke out of a PR nightmare ... aka his broken jaw. Did Zac pull off the perfect play?

Reese Witherspoon gets behind the wheel after drinking wine -- or did she?? There are two conflicting accounts of what really went down. We're hunting for the truth.

(0:00) President Obama's Hawaii vacation spells danger for unknowing vacationers -- we'll show you why it's not safe ... because no on else is going to warn you.
(5:00) Zac Efron makes light of his broken jaw -- and it may be just what the PR doctor ordered. (10:00) Reese Witherspoon downs some wine ... then drives away. Did she do anything wrong? We'll tell you two side of the story ... as well as uncover some new evidence.
(14:00) Britney Spears just can't stop talking about sex.
(18:00) Rapper Schoolboy Q says he's a better dad when he's high -- we challenge him on it ... and he doesn't back down.
(24:00) Miley Cyrus' new dance -- worse than twerking.
(29:00) Two "Vampire Diaries" stars finally set an example for young Hollywood -- not for having a successful marriage ... for having a great prenup.
(32:00) Kanye West's "Bound 2" sounds A LOT like a song from the 70s ... take a listen for yourself ... and you'll see why Ye's getting sued.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) "Duck Dynasty" controversy ... over wine? You'll love this story!