TMZ Live Chris Brown's Rehab Pass Abused for Super Bowl Rager

2/6/2014 9:50 PM PST

TMZ Live: Chris Brown -- Rehab Pass Abused for Super Bowl Rager

Chris Brown used his day pass from rehab to chill with his homies for a Super Bowl party -- of course, that pass was given so he could visit his attorney to prep for court. Dude keeps cutting corners ... should the judge have jailed him after all?

Plus, Eddie Murphy's daughters are desperate to break into lingerie modeling -- booking their own photo shoots -- but WHY?? Is it an odd career choice for 2 women with tons of money and options?

And, a "Biggest Loser" contestant's weight loss goes too far -- we talk to former "BL" trainer Cara Castronuova about the dangers of losing too much weight.