TMZ Live Shia LaBeouf Losing It ... Artistically Speaking

2/12/2014 9:45 PM PST

TMZ Live: Shia LaBeouf Losing It ... Artistically Speaking

Shia LaBeouf is either totally losing his mind ... or losing his mind for art's sake. We had a close encounter with him during his latest "art" display, and it begs the question: Is he going nuts?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan gives the performance of a lifetime ... on a karaoke stage. One staffer says this is the beginning of her journey to Oscar glory. 

And, Jerry Seinfeld says he doesn't care about racial diversity in comedy -- Arsenio Hall joins us to defend him ... and to drop the best O.J. Simpson joke we've heard in a long time.

(0:00) Shia LaBeouf's crazy "art" display -- one of our guys went in and asked Shia about it face-to-face.
(6:00) Lindsay Lohan proves she still has some talent ... at karaoke.
(10:00) Bruce Jenner -- still doing man stuff despite his strange, ongoing physical transformation.
(16:00) Rihanna almost lost her entire fortune ... we'll tell you how.
(18:00) Arsenio Hall joins us to talk Jerry Seinfeld, SNL, and OJ Simpson.
(24:00) Suge Knight attacks at a pot shop ... and we have the video.
(29:00) Chris Kattan -- how he's defending his crazy DUI arrest.
(32:00) Drake sued over bling ... and T.I. takes a stand against his wife for posting butt pics.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's getting worse than ever ... hate mail time!