TMZ Live Craigslist Murder 'Dexter'-ish Killer Confessions

2/17/2014 9:45 PM PST

TMZ Live: Craigslist Murder -- 'Dexter'-ish Killer Confessions

Miranda Barbour -- the woman who's confessed to dozens of Craigslist killings -- sounds like she thinks she was doing a good thing ... taking out evil dudes willing to molest underage girls. We talk to reporter she confessed to -- Francis Scarcella -- to see if he's buying what she's selling.

Plus, Charlie Sheen plays Press Your Luck with his 4th marriage -- this time to ex-porn star Brett Rossi. Is he nuts? Wait, rephrase ... HOW nuts is Charlie?

And, two of the cast member's of CMT's massive hit "Party Down South" join us -- are they gonna go the "Jersey Shore" rout and hold out for the big bucks.