Jennifer Lopez PUTTIN' IN TWERK Miley Ain't Got Nuthin' On Me!

7/10/2014 7:20 AM PDT

Jennifer Lopez Twerking -- Puttin’ In Twerk: Miley’s Got Nothin' On Me! (VIDEO)

She's 23 years OLDER than Miley Cyrus ... but Jennifer Lopez was out to prove she's the real TWERKING QUEEN during a booty-bouncing performance in Miami. 

JLo and her big 'ol butt hit the stage at the "iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party" on the CW last night ... and threw her glutes around like a 44-year-old CHAMP during her new aptly-named hit, "Booty."

So, the real question ... how do Ms. Lopez's twerk skills match up with 21-year-old Miley??