'L.A. Hair' Female Stylists Brawl ... 'Do I Look Like a Man Now?'

7/27/2014 12:10 AM PDT

'LA Hair' Fight -- Female Stylists Brawl: 'Do I Look Like a Man Now?' (VIDEO)

Two hairdressers threw down in an explosive chick fight on the reality show "L.A. Hair" -- all because one has repeatedly confused the other for a man.

Naja Rickette
and Lisa Buford came to blows on the episode that aired Thursday night ... after Buford got fed up with Rickette telling others she looks like a dude. 

Buford got in Rickette's face and yelled, "Can you see my Adam's Apple now?" -- aaaaaaaaaand, fight!

Plenty of punching, shoving and, of course, hair-pulling (long-haired chicks never win these things).

Based on this video -- both chicks have balls.