Joan Rivers' Dr. Says It's a Lie There was NO Selfie

9/18/2014 12:14 PM PDT

Joan Rivers' Doctor -- It's A Lie ... There was NO Selfie


Joan Rivers personal ENT doctor did NOT take a selfie while the comedienne was under anesthesia shortly before she stopped breathing ... so claims the doctor herself.

Sources closely connected with the doctor say ENT specialist Dr. Gwen Korovin has made it clear ... she says the CNN story is absolutely wrong. The network reported a staff member at Yorkville Endoscopy clinic told investigators the doctor took the pic. Our Korovin sources say ... the network's source is "making up lies."

We're also told the doctor has made it clear ...she did NOT perform a biopsy on Joan.  We pressed to find out if she performed some other procedure ... we did not get an answer.

Several patients of Dr. Korovin have contacted us to tell us about her "unblemished record" and how she is the go-to ENT in NYC. It's true ... she has a corner on the market and her patients love her.