Bad Celebrity Halloween Costumes No. Just ... No (PHOTOS)

10/29/2014 12:03 PM PDT

Bad Celebrity Halloween Costumes -- No. Just ... No (PHOTOS)

There's one every year ... a Halloween costume that feels just far enough over the line of good taste. This year has already seen dudes turning Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice's troubles into party outfits, but there's bound to be a celebrity or two who follow suit ... and they certainly won't be the first ones.

      1. Orange is the New Racism?

      In 2013, Julianne Hough made waves when she attended a Halloween party dressed as Crazy Eyes from "Orange is the New Black" ... in full blackface. It did not go over well. She eventually took to Twitter to apologize for having offended anyone.

      2. Taliban Terror

      Chris Brown continued his run of rather poor decisions in 2012 when he showed up to Rihanna's Halloween party dressed as a Taliban fighter, complete with a bushy beard and a string of fake bullets across his chest ... because nothing screams "good time" like terrorism.

      3. Hoff Weidersehen

      It may not have been for Halloween, but considering David Hasselhoff's massive following in Germany, hitting the stage dressed at Hitler in 2012 probably wasn't the best idea ... at any time of year.