Amanda Bynes Back to Mel's Drive-In Late for Court

10/31/2014 1:10 PM PDT

Amanda Bynes -- Back to Mel's Drive-In ... Late for Court


Amanda Bynes
likes what she likes ... she went to another Mel's Drive-In at around noon ... which has made it impossible for her to show up in court on time in her bid to regain her freedom.

Amanda went to Mel's in Hollywood -- several miles from another Mel's she dined at last night. This time she chowed down on watermelon ... bird food compared to last night's feast which included fried chicken, salmon and a Caesar.  

This time she was with a dude, who drove her to the diner in a sports car. The waitress tells us Amanda was chatty, talking about her plastic surgery and requesting a hair tie.

At one point Amanda started chatting with people at nearby tables, and when one person said "Hi," she responded "I'm fine."  

The waitress tells us she stepped out of the way several times for an imaginary person.

Amanda paid the tab with a $100 bill. It's unclear how she's getting the money.

Amanda left the restaurant at around 12:55 PM, which is going to make it impossible for her to be in court at 1:30 in Ventura County where she's making a play to end her parents' conservatorship.