Kanye West China-Bound for New Album Yeezus Sequel!!!

11/22/2014 8:13 AM PST

Kanye West -- China-Bound for Next Album ... Yeezus Sequel!!

In just one sentence, Kanye West set the hip hop world on fire ... because it sounds like the rapper just told our photog he's recording a new album that's a sequel to Yeezus -- but some of our users think it's only shoe talk.

West was at LAX for an international flight when we asked what he'd be doing out of the country -- the rapper said, "I'm going to China to work on Yeezus."

True, Kanye's already released an album with that title ... but shortly after it came out, producer Rick Rubin said Yeezy intended for the LP to be longer -- and claimed a two-part album was a possibility.

However some of our users believe Kanye said "Yeezys" ... in reference to his shoe line -- so, we gotta ask ...