Bill Cosby Heckled at Comedy Show 'You're a Rapist!'

1/9/2015 6:02 AM PST

Bill Cosby Heckled at Comedy Show ... 'You're a Rapist!'

Bill Cosby has been accused of rape again ... but this time it was face-to-face at his concert, and the comedian clearly had pre-planned how he would deal with it. 

Cosby performed a second concert Thursday night in Ontario, Canada when a heckler began screaming, "You're a rapist!"

It riled up Cosby's die-hard fans for sure, but he strategically got everyone to lower the volume ... almost in a hypnotic way. 

Speaking of the performance, there was reportedly a bizarre interaction between Cosby and a woman who got up from her seat. Cosby asked her where she was headed. When she explained she was going to the bar, Cosby shot back, "You have to be careful about drinking around me."