Kate Upton I Was Pissed Cat Daddy Went Public

4/8/2015 6:34 AM PDT

Kate Upton -- I Was Pissed My 'Cat Daddy' Video Went Public

Kate Upton says she was furious at the photographer who released the video that made her really, really famous ... but we don't believe her. 

Kate says she had no idea Terry Richardson would post her "Cat Daddy" video telling Vogue UK, "I was like, that was disrespectful, you could have told me!" 

She claims the video was shot for fun, and never thought it would be uploaded on YouTube for millions to enjoy.

Now here's the rub. At the beginning of the video, Terry does an intro, saying, "I'm Terry Richardson, and only in America, tonight ladies and gentlemen Kate Upton demonstrating the Cat Daddy. Take it away Kate."