Young Thug Still Talking Smack to Weezy After Capone Peace Treaty

5/8/2015 3:00 PM PDT

Young Thug -- Still Talking Smack to Lil Wayne & Game ... After JoJo Capone Peace Treaty (VIDEO)


Rapper JoJo Capone thought he'd squashed the beef between The Game and Young Thug by using just 2 words -- love and respect -- but now it looks like one of them didn't get the message.

Capone was on TMZ Live Friday ... explaining how he convinced the rappers to quit making death threats against each other in their feud over Lil Wayne. It sounded all hearts and flowers -- like all that was left to do was blaze up the peace pipe.

Then just a few hours later ... metaphoric shots were fired by Thug. You gotta see the "apology" to Game he posted. Starts out nice, but ends with him basically calling Wayne a bitch for not fighting his own battles.

Capone better get back on the horn.