Subway Scrubbing Jared From Website

7/7/2015 11:56 AM PDT

Subway -- Scrubbing Jared From Website


Seems Subway is losing its taste for Jared Fogle in the wake of a child porn investigation ... 'cause the sandwich giant is already scrubbing traces of the pitchman from its official website. 

As of moments ago, Subway's website no longer connects to "Jared's Journey" -- an entire section devoted to Jared, his weight loss experience ... and fun games and interviews with Jared and celebrities. 

The Jared's Journey page also included a blurb about Jared's foundation -- which has been under fire ever since the former director Russel Taylor was arrested for producing and possessing child porn. 

The FBI raided Jared's home in Indiana in connection to the investigation this morning ... and now, it seems Subway has wasted no time distancing itself from the spokesperson.

The Jared's Journey section -- which had been active all morning long -- now redirects back to the Subway homepage ... though Jared's image still exists in various parts of the Subway website. 

We reached out to Subway for comment -- so far, no word back.