Steven Tyler Finds Love and ... His Dog In An Elevator

7/21/2015 12:30 AM PDT

Steven Tyler -- Finds Love And His Dog In An Elevator


Steven Tyler crashed a couple’s wedding after the newlyweds found his lost Maltese going down in an elevator of their hotel.

Ken Morrison and his wife had just finished taking photos at the Fairmont in Edmonton, Canada when they got in an elevator and spotted Steven's collarless pooch riding solo.

The couple decided to take the dog to the front desk, and when the elevator doors opened -- lo and behold ... there was the Aerosmith frontman holding his other dog ... a Yorkie.

Morrison says Tyler yelled, "OMG. You found my dog!" -- and the groom replied, “OMG! You’re Steven Tyler!" Their reward? A 15 minute chat with the legendary rocker, and photos with him.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet emotion.