John Travolta I'll Bang You ... For $1000

8/5/2015 10:12 AM PDT

John Travolta -- I'll Bang You ... For $1,000 (VIDEO)

John Travolta can’t cut hair like he can cut a rug, judging by the $1,000 trim he gave one woman at a recent charity event.

Travolta, who’s a big aviator, helped Buzz Aldrin launch his ShareSpace nonprofit last month with a celebrity auction ... actor Seth Green moderated, in case you recognize the voice. Up for grabs … relive the famous "Pulp Fiction" dance scene with Travolta and Aldrin, which sold for not one, but TWO $4,000 bids.

Things got a little weird when one of the winners said they’d up the ante another $1,000 if Travolta and Aldrin cut her some precision bangs just like Uma Thurman’s character in the scene.

Apart from his 'Hairspray' role ... seems Travolta has little experience in trimming hair.

"C'est la vie", say the old folks .... at least it went towards a good cause.