Cecil the Lion Killer Costume Severed Head Included

8/25/2015 9:29 AM PDT

Cecil the Lion's Killer Costume ... Severed Head Included

Exclusive Details

The best "so bad it's good" Halloween costume contest is over ... because now you can dress up this year as Dr. Walter Palmer ... the dentist who killed beloved lion Cecil. 

The costume retails for $59.99 and includes a severed lion's head, a smock and gloves with fake blood spatter, and some dentist tools for the front pocket.

Costumeish.com CEO Johnathon Weeks tells TMZ sale of the costume went live at midnight Tuesday and they've yet to sell a single one.

Weeks says they created the costume because they were flooded with requests. 

The company says they're doing some good  ... 15% of all proceeds will go to the African Wildlife Foundation "Justice for Cecil."

Maybe it's best to make the donation yourself and just dress up as Walter White again.