Kim Richards Loses Battle for Easy Community Service

9/14/2015 10:52 AM PDT

Kim Richards -- Loses Battle for Easy Community Service

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Kim Richards will NOT do jail time for her drunken antics at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but she didn't get the community service she was after.

Her case was plea bargained and the judge just sentenced her to 30 days community labor. This is not office work. It involves real labor, like graffiti or garbage removal.

Kim tried to convince the judge she couldn't do strenuous work because of a foot injury, but the judge wasn't buying it.

The judge also placed Kim on 3 years probation. She's been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the Bev Hills Hotel.

And there's more. Kim must attend 52 AA classes ... one a week for the next year.

Kim has major issues still ... as we reported, last week she went to several smoke shops in the San Fernando Valley where we're told she was looking for Xanax.